By Vernalee
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Valentine’a Day is this week.
So this week’s blog will be on that four letter word – LOVE!
So what are you getting your honey for Valentine’s?
According to Yahoo/Shopping, the ten most searched Valentine Day Gifts for women are:
1. Flowers – (Long stem roses are glam…but a dozen of any will do);
2. Spa Gift Cards – (A day of pampering will make any woman feel special);
3. Weekend Getaways – (Pick a fun location);
4. Chocolate – (Yummy…besides it is an aphrodisiac);
5. Concert Tickets – (Stevie Wonder is hot right now);
6. Tablets – (The one with the adjustable kickstand is very practical. Don’t forget to purchase the built in WiFi);
7. Perfume – (I just received a Flower Bomb fragrance set, but Gucci blends perfectly with my skin);
8. Jewelry – (Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend);
9. Gift Baskets – (Have it delivered so that I can show off);
10. Pajamas – (silky ones or the kind that I can wear outside like an outfit would be great).
Showing love and affection is great everyday of the week. Love makes you feel brand new. There is no feeling like it. It is always the thought behind the gift!
Since Valentine’s Day is a gender neutral holiday, I provided gift ideas for that special man as well.
Here we go.
For men, according to, some of the gift recommendations are as follows:
1. Beard oil,
2. Harry’s Shaving set,
3. Home State Print,
4. The David Foster Wallace Reader,
5. Nixon Time piece,
6. IPad/Laptop Case,
7. Subscription to his favorite publication,
8. Converse Chuck Taylors,
9. Customized Flask, and
10. An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails.
There were 20 suggestions listed. I included ten to keep the slate equal.
Admittedly, the male list doesn’t look as enticing as the gift ideas for females.
Don’t look at me; I didn’t make the list!
Maybe the conclusion is – We women should get more and be pampered more extravagantly!
Just saying!