By Vernalee
A young female protégé revealed an interesting revelation this week. She said that since she was not shown a spirit of caring from her previous boyfriend that she had almost forgotten what that cuddly feeling felt like; how special love makes you feel! Now, that the current man in her life shows her true love and affection, the air is filled with an aroma of sweet fragrances with the scents of caring, love, and respect. Right now, she is floating on a cloud! I am ecstatically happy for her! I now hear about the wonderful things that are occurring in her current relationship; as opposed to the gloom and doom that she once experienced and echoed! Currently, she is walking in the atmosphere of the expected normalcy of love; she is breathing the titillating fragrances that his conduct exudes. As women, we cannot let a man treat us beneath the royalty befitting a queen. Anything less would be uncivilized!
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