By Vernalee
Good Morning followers! Let me introduce you to a group of folks that I define as the “lukewarm” people. You know and see them as frequently as I. Those are the ones who do just enough to get by. Their luke warmness protects them, but sooner or later their true temperature gets revealed. They play sophisticated games so that you can not ascertain whether they are hot or cold. For example, if you are hungry, they will feed you by giving you a slice of bread. No problem there at all! It is honorable, to say the least! Although they satisfied your immediate need, they could have easily provided a full course meal or contributed more. Needless to say, their cupboards runneth over! You can’t get mad with anyone for your problems. You cannot be disappointed because at least they came through! It is not your fault that they believe in the bare minimum. They are serial piecemeal specialists. “A little here; a little there” is there motto. They will truly never be inconvenienced for anyone other than themselves or their self appointed designees. Alright, stop feeling guilty that you ate their slice of bread or had to ask them for help. Stop feeling bad that they knew you had needs and looked the other way. Just don’t be like them! At the end of the day, the lukewarm personalities will be viewed on their own merit as will you!
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