By Vernalee
Good Morning followers!
Let me introduce you to a group of folks that I define as the “lukewarm” people.
You know and see them as frequently as I.
Many are so hard to figure out.
They do just enough to keep you off their backs; just enough to get by.
Their luke warmness protects them or so they think.
However, sooner or later their true temperature gets revealed.
They play sophisticated games so that you cannot ascertain whether they are hot or cold.
For example, many may know that you have a need. They simply ignore it unless they are pushed to acknowledge it. They are great at turning their heads looking the other way.
Some luke warm folks have the resources – time and finances – but they do not have the sensitivities.
Maybe they just don’t care or maybe they are selfish.
We must keep this in perspective.
You really can’t get mad with anyone for your problems.
Depending upon their closeness to you, it may be disappointing if they don’t come through or look the other way! It is not your fault that they believe in the bare minimum.
They are serial piecemeal specialists. “A little here; a little there; or nothing at all” is there motto.
The real problem occurs in the inability to read them.
Are they hot or cold?
How would you know?
You certainly can’t feel by the touch.
They will truly never be inconvenienced for anyone other than themselves or who they feel are important.
Alright, stop feeling guilty that they did not offer, but that you had to ask them for help.
Stop feeling bad that they knew you had needs and looked the other way.
Just don’t be like them!
At the end of the day, the lukewarm personalities will be viewed on their own merit as will you!
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