By Vernalee - black girl and guy -article about myths about dating

Recently, I had a discussion regarding date selections with a close male companion. From his point of view, we women use selective and rigid criteria that men don’t specifically consider particularly as it relates to selecting a date. Hmmm!

For example, if a man saw a woman that appealed to him and she worked at a fast food establishment, he would ask her out. On the contrary, a woman would be diffident if a fast food chain male employee asked her out. All things considered and equal, he indicated that men have a greater tendency to look at the person, while women to a greater degree will look at the occupation with infinite scrutiny. Expressed differently, men look internally; women, externally. What a contrast! In fact, he and a group of his male colleagues had a consensus of opinion on this very fact. Their conclusions beg to ask the following questions.

Is it that women seek security? Is it that a woman wants to date a man who can financially support her, with that same characteristic not being as significant to the male population since they are the dominant supporters; the breadwinners? Do women follow the dollars while men follow their desires? That’s a change of thought for those women who cannot see beyond their noses and their hearts when in love! Have not women been characteristically accused of loving men blindly; loving them “just because” of love?

Is it not fathers who counsel their daughters, “Girl, you better marry someone who can take care of you? You cannot always follow your heart! ” Thus, the coaching and foundation for a woman’s criteria for dating may actually start with male guidance. Fathers know best! Interesting, isn’t it!

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