By Vernalee -faucet running water Truly men are like running water. They can be – cold, hot or lukewarm. And just like running water, they can run away from you and their responsibilities too. Further, similar to the temperature of water, you can feel his temperament. A man can burn you like scalding water; he can be chilly like ice cold water; he can be warm and cozy like lukewarm water. His fluidity can be planned or spontaneous; mistaken or intentioned. Complicated! Right?

Because of its liquidity, you cannot really hold on to water, for it run right through your hands. It flows downstream, dissipates and washes away its traces. The water from a soothing bath and a hot shower can cleanse, relax, and comfort you. Sounds familiar! Sounds like a man! He can be slippery even if he is not wet. For containment, thank goodness for sink stoppers. I guess the analogies continue because, there comes a time when a man stops, voluntarily or involuntarily; when he settles and stop running from the actualities of life.
The interchangeableness of his temperatures (hot, cold, warm) is enough to keep you puzzled. Lukewarm men are middle of the road personalities. They are the most difficult, because they foster doubt and confusion; their warmth in temperature or spirit can be quite mystifying.

You may have a man for all seasons (and temperatures)! Optimistically, as you grow together, eventually you should be able to figure him out; wet or dry! Hopefully, you can in time read him like a book; and he, you!

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