By Vernalee
fight -
Messy people; you know them! They are in our families, in our churches, at the job site, and amongst our colleagues, associates and friends! They angrily walk around like roaring lions stirring up “Tower of Babel” type of confusion. When they enter the picture, they become royal troublemakers. They incite people to disagree, argue, and fight because messy people are balls of confusion. They strike a match, set a fire, and walk away with their targets figuratively on fire. Stop! No worries to the victims. Messy folks either eventually get burned, set themselves on fire, or get knocked out with a Muhammad Ali Thriller in Manila punch from one of their countless adversaries. Bam! Funny thing, it never fails! The people that they hurt along the way get a chance to see Mr. or Mrs. Messy being used for target practice. Bulls’ eye! Reverse victimization is brutal, isn’t it? In fact, it’s a mess! It is such gratification when the victors, who were formerly victims, walk by and utter, Mr. Messy, “That’s what you get; what’s goes around, comes around!” They, however keep on stepping because they don’t want to get the germination of any of that mess on their hands!
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