By Vernalee
“Time brings about a change.” My sixties have to be different. So, I am gearing up to “have my say!” Mirror, mirror on the wall; flattery gets you everything, but no hocus pocus, today! Tell me and show me the truth! For sure, whether I acknowledge what I see, the mirror doesn’t lie! It reflects what it sees … sometimes much to our chagrin or displeasure. I have been working for months to transform my inner self. I hope that I have gained the intestinal fortitude to reveal my inner being; what’s really stored up inside. I am itching to tell a number of people what I really think! Unlike the mirror and in the past, I have traditionally said phrases that were soft to the ear. I have mastered the uncanny ability to tell people what they want to hear! It’s called living a lie! I even get mad at myself for this stance of unintended hypocrisy. Alright, the time has come. I think that I am ready. Here goes! Get in line – liars, cheater, haters, pretentious “laugh in my face, stab me behind my back” characters, and many others walking in the world of phoniness …You know who you are! Have I got something for you! I believe that I might take pleasure in my new role. I have been shielding the truth and holding back for so many years. Shame on me! Unlike you – my fellow evildoers, I never had willful ill intent or malice in my heart. I still don’t! Allow me though to utilize my intelligence! I just love using my head! Hehe! Here’s my strategy. I will turn my magic mirror on you; it will expose you and your shenanigans. I can’t wait to see your face and accompanying reaction! What a glaring reflection; the mirror is reaching out to you! Remember it was you – great one – who said I had a mesmerizing “way” about me! So here; come closer; look in the mirror! Let me prove you right!
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