By Vernalee
I hear it all the time! “My Mother gets on my nerves!” It’s an expression that many children think and some have the gumption to say. The smart ones dare not quote the words in their Mother’s presence; if they know what’s good for them! Why is that! It is simple. Mothers have unconditional love. Since they want the very best for you, good Mothers tell you what you don’t want to hear; they give you unsolicited advice designed for your well being! Mothers also have no boundaries to their ever present intrusiveness. Her control and “Do as I say” tactics can make you robotic! Shut your mouth! They are so truthful about your behavior and their assessments of the aftermath consequences are beyond absolute accuracy. The truth can be excruciatingly stinging! Ouch! Their words and views hit the nail on the head every time; with pinpoint precision at that! How accurate they are without glazing into a crystal ball! Why? They know your thoughts before you conceive them; your steps before you take them; your actions before they come to life! They knew you before you knew yourself! You can’t fool Mother Nature or your Mother for that matter! Mothers not only know you better than most; they also know how to put the fear of God in you! Hush! You better not talk back or finish their sentences for them at any age! Children should stay in a child’s place regardless of age! Remember that if you forget all else! Now as for me, you will never hear that expression leave my motor mouth. I’m not that courageous. My 90 year old Mother has a saying that has survived through the years, “I brought you into this world and I’ll take you out!” I believed her then and I believe her now! Besides, it was she who taught me, “everything that you think, you need not say!”
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