By Vernalee
As the Golden Globes will be aired tomorrow, we reminisce about some of the unforgettable movies of all times. One such movie and one of MGM’s biggest classics was “Mutiny on the Bounty.” It won the Oscar for best movie in 1935 and is the only movie to date that had three nominations for Best Actor. Summing up the movie, the crew took over the ship and sent the tyrant captain afloat. As we know, a mutiny is simply a rebellion. It can occur on ships; in homes; in offices. Sides are taken; lines are drawn; people are hurt – particularly emotionally. Just as the cream rises to the top, so will the true motivations that caused the mutiny. Many life lessons are contained in the film with tyranny and loyalty, two extreme spectrums, leading the way. Many varying emotions including rebellion, revenge, cruelty, divisions, and love arise in the film. Life is no different! When rebellious acts occur, with or without merit, lives are changed forever! Trust can sometimes never be regained when parties feel betrayed! What is a relationship, be it personal or professional, without trust? One party will always be looking at the other second guessing their motives and actions. Ultimately, the relationship becomes a “point of no return” with its chances of survival being slim, if at all!
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