By Vernalee


With sagacious wisdom, she told me, “Whatever it took to get him, it will take the same things to keep him.” No wonder her daughter- in- law said, “He (her hubby) looks at her like a sizzling steak!” Yummy! Alright, women listen up; take heed; keep it together for your man!

If there was a marriage made in heaven, I am sure that this husband and wife (my favorite married couple) are wearing halos. Married almost 50 years, I admire them individually and collectively. More importantly, they admire each other. Their love radiates in your presence. It has a life of its own. They are indelibly strong in their love for each other. Even Superman’s kryptonite could not weaken them.

There are so many attributes that I love about them that it is hard to enumerate them all. I truly believe that they celebrate Valentine’s Day every day. They shower each other with love on a daily basis. Their spoken words even have a majestic ring. Until I observed their consistent enamored conduct, I had never witnessed a continuum of love and affection like this before. In fact, I thought that it did not exist to that magnitude. What they have is remarkably unbelievable! Of course, their abundant outpouring of endearment is spellbinding; it is like a never ending love story. They make Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet look like neophytes!

Because of their smoothness, I wondered if they had arguments, but I remembered my Mother’s famous words, “It takes two to argue. If you keep your mouth closed, listen, and let the other party talk; you will never be in an argument.” How true! Maybe, they heard my wise Mother too! They are incredibly harmonious. All matters can be worked out with a conciliatory spirit and demeanor. They know this better than me; they are masters of the game.

If you don’t believe the magic that they share, take a stroll with me as we observe their lives.
Speaking of fulfillment, they enjoy themselves. One of their favorite pastimes is dancing. Their dance precision is as crisp as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Their feet effortlessly glide across the dance floor as they “boogie woogie” the night away. Their awe-inspiring togetherness does not stop there.

I suspect that Patrick and Gina Neely might become a tad bit jealous when they see them cook together. Since they can effortlessly “cook up a storm,” they would be the Neely’s match if the Food Network ever invited in married cooks who can synchronize their showmanship. I have seen them prepare dishes together with seamless integration. Speaking of “sugar and spice and everything nice,” their scrumptious meals taste like the sweetness that they exude. You can gain a pound just watching them toss the salad. When you are their dinner guests, they are so majestic and naturally kind in their speech and treatment toward each other and to you that you feel as though you are dining in Buckingham Palace. Oh my word!

Their conversations are amazing. Not only do they finish each other sentences, they are graciously considerate of each other. I once told them that they remind me of a mature version of President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama by their conduct and appearance. How’s that for being Presidential! What a vision!

Regularly, I seek her advice. Her wisdom and guidance have tremendously helped me take educated, informed steps. My friends want to get in on the program and claim her as their own. Giggling, I routinely tell them, “You can reach out to her; I will share her for a day, but she belongs to me!” I am so possessive! She is amazing; a big sister, a counselor, a spiritual woman, a role model …all rolled up into one intelligent being. I have often pondered how so many positive attributes can be packaged in one person. Just wait until you meet her and you will see what I mean.

I could talk about her and the two of them (she and her hubby) all day and night. There isn’t enough room on your computer screen even though it has infinite capacity. Their splendor will make you desire and search for a mate who possesses similar unselfish traits. You may be even tempted to “jump the broom.” You get the picture! Right?

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