By Vernalee
“With gray hair comes wisdom.” True to form, that statement is symbolic, and accurate. However, I must confess and tell you a secret. As long as there is Miss Clairol hair dye, I prefer to rinse out the gray. I believe that I have grown wiser over the years, but I prefer to not let my gray hairs reveal my wisdom. It is so unnecessary! My sage wisdom can be limited to colored brown hues running through every string of my hair! Sure, it’s vanity, but most people prefer the “look” of youth though we may age gracefully. Thank goodness for me being wise enough to make such an intelligent decision to cover those white hair follicles. Incredible thinking; isn’t it? That’s what gray hair does! Don’t be fooled or think that you can outwit me! Though the coloring is cosmetic; the wisdom still lies underneath!
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