By Vernalee
If your plate is full, you are very busy, have numerous commitments; have a lot of work to do or a lot of problems to deal with; in other words, to use the other colloquial expression, “You’ve got a lot on your plate.”
With that being the case, there is no room for dealing with other folks’ “stuff” that is inconsequential! Enough is enough! Sometimes, it’s best that they “eat their own” by dealing with their own issues / problems. How about that for a change? Yummy! It’s a two way street. Let them deal with their problems; you, with yours; me, with mine. Now that everyone is dealing with their own concerns, keep the momentum going. Fair play is fair game. Don’t relapse; don’t burden other people with your problems; don’t load your plate with theirs. Everyone solving their own problems; what a novel thought! It’s amazing what you will learn when you roll up your sleeves rather than roll out your problems to others. Here’s “Food for thought” – for your full plate! How refreshing it is to be a problem solver than a problem shuffler! I’ll drink (and eat) to that!
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