By Vernalee
Sometimes, we learn our lessons the hard way. We tend to see people as we are, not as they are! We look at others from our own looking glass. Amazingly, we expect folks to treat us how we treat them. Smack me! When will I and we ever learn? If we continue to make a person a priority in our life, when they make us an option by dealing with us when it is convenient for them, we are the fool(s) … not them! Don’t bother to explain to them this “priority / option” theory that Dr. Maya Angelou memorialized because their conscience is not yours. They have already made the excuses to justify their actions for doing what they did. It’s logical to them even if it makes no sense to you or anyone else. Besides they are too big to say they are sorry. If you continue to bend over backwards for them, your back will hurt; not theirs. Stop! Caring and showing that you care are two different things. You know that … so should they!
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