By Vernalee
Thank goodness for videos. They can validate any situation. Such validation occurred when a bystander took a video in North Charleston, S.C. Recorded from his cell phone, the world witnessed a policeman gunning down an unarmed man. Shooting someone in the back requires no explanation. It is what it is! Cold blooded murder! The technology of the cell phone made the shooting transparent. You don’t have to take anyone’s word, when you can see it for yourself! Seeing a person gunned downed like an animal is horrendous to watch and chilling to the soul. You can’t escape the chill bumps! My sympathies to the Scott family and other similarly situated families where senseless violence has taken their loved ones. Witnessing that type of brutality is a memory that the video will preserve and keep alive! A picture is worth a thousand words! But there are no words that can justify this senseless act. It is a call to action including body cameras for policemen. The involved policeman was fired and charged with murder. Finally, the minds of the authorities processed what their eyes saw!
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