By Vernalee
Nothing shows maturity than the ability to say No even to the amazed audacity of people who feel that you should never utter that two letter word, at least to them. No – is a very powerful word. I am using it more and more these day. Maybe, it means that I have arrived! Maybe, it means that I have grown up! Or perhaps it means that I now have the courage to say to some and profess to others… my ability to let no one make my decisions, control my destiny, or put words in my mouth. Unlike the person of old, I now say what I really mean and feel, sometimes diplomatically but nevertheless, the No word escapes my lips. It’s a great feeling to go against the currents of someone else’s waves when you can rightfully wade through the waters yourself. It is in fact, downright empowering, refreshing, and stimulating. It’s a beautiful thing! Try it! I guarantee that you will agree and like the throne from which you sit. You can however tell me No and to mind my own my business! It’s your prerogative!
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