By Vernalee
grandmother -

I am blessed to have a wonderful, beautiful Mother. To me, she is the best Mother in the world! I never knew the love of a Grandmother. I am told that my maternal Grandmother Tuge had me spoiled “rotten!” Unfortunately, I was about two when she passed. My paternal Grandmother died before I was born.
As I watch my children, nieces, and nephews, I see the love and affection that my Mother displays and that they give back. What a blessing! My Mother, their Grandmother is never too busy to listen even when she is called at an unspeakable hour. She maintains no clock. She encourages, chastises and tells her grandchildren words that only she can say. “Don’t worry your Mother; the teacher got what y’all trying to get, so stop cutting up in school; you don’t need to be out all night running the street.” After giving you a loving piece of her mind, she ends by saying, “Remember that Grandma loves you. I pray for y’all every night!” They or I cannot begin to count how many times we have called her to see how to handle a situation, what to do, and ask her to pray for us. It’s immeasurable! Magically, she always has the right answers!
A good friend of mine said that her grandson called her yesterday, and said, “Grandma, I need you to call Him!” “Call who?” “God,” he replied. Without thinking, the next thing she knew, she was on bended knee.
A Grandmother’s love stretches to Mount Everest. I know because my love for my grandson reaches that high. I am sure that my Mother’s Grandma’s love touches the heavens! Just ask her grand and great grandchildren!
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