By Vernalee
99% of the time, I fly from Cleveland, Ohio to Jackson, Mississippi and rent a car to travel to my home, Glen Allan, Mississippi which is off the beat and path. This time, however, it was a road trip, a caravan of multiple cars – and what an adventure it was. Laughter, talking, reminiscing from my nieces and daughter …. filled the car. I remember my Cleveland, Ohio pastor who is a native of Cleveland, Mississippi talk about his family’s road trips to Mississippi. On their pilgrimages, Pastor Harris said his Mother would pack shoe boxes filled with crispy fried chicken , lemon pound cake accompanied by a loaf of bread. Somehow, that day old chicken tasted like it had just come out of the frying pan! We didn’t have the chicken and cake, but we had a car full of love! It is amazing how the 1000 mile trip becomes a family sedative; a pill of forgiveness, and an antidote of burying the emotional hatchet that has been carried within our family for years! Sometimes, you can carry bitterness for so long that you cannot remember from whence it came! Sadly, sometimes the uniting factor that most often brings all family members together is death. Today, this fourth Sunday in September, I call for family love, support and unity. It certainly beats the dysfunction of its alternative; chaos and hostilities.
Photo Credit: / We are family song