By Vernalee
Nothing pleases a Mother’s heart more than to see her children display love to each other and to their family members. I am “tickled pink” to see my son and daughter lovingly care for their Father and nurse him back to health. It is gratifying to my soul. Equally gratifying is their extraordinary love for each other as siblings. It is absolutely adorable! Gone are their juvenile days when they argued like cats and dogs over trivia stuff! Gone are the olden days when they
did childish things, – as the time when my then teenage son placed his baby sister fully dressed in a cold shower to cool her off since she wouldn’t obey him! Geez! Through all of their silliness, they were always incredibly close; always protective of each other. Now they are all grown up and they display impressive maturity. A united front they are! Their genuine love, sincerity, and respect for each other are as deep as the Mississippi River is long! Still waters do run deep! Surely, seeing the depth of their love today makes me proud to be their Mother! What more could I as a Mother ask for!
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