By Vernalee
TimelessTennisMichaelJordan Dr. Maya Angelou has a saying, “Nothing works unless you do.” Thus, one must “work” their agenda not only for obtaining life’s basic essentials, but to get to the next level. Putting forth your best efforts by expending time and energies toward accomplishing your goals should be a daily activity. Inertia produces no meaningful results. In fact, it stalemates you and prevents progress. It is better to try even if you fail, than to do nothing at all. Although I prefer succeeding at my initial attempt, I am beginning to realize the redeeming value of failures. Failures perfect your learning curve by highlighting what you did wrong the first time around; thereby making subsequent attempts easier. Thus, failure provides a perfection template. I am sure that you have heard these axioms before: “Try it once and if you don’t succeed; try, try again! Nothing beats failure, but a try. ” How true they are! Believe it or not, failures provide free practice. Ultimately, if you don’t let failures defeat you, you will become a master in the area that you once failed! Your tenacity improves you and enhances your delivery. Only quitters, quit! Winners win because they stay in the game! Ask Michael Jordan!
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