By Vernalee
Speaking of pets, we have had our share! When my children were growing up, we had six dogs; affectionately and respectively named Pooch, Miss Brown, Jerry, Nobody, Freeway, and Stebo.
Our pets were incredibly and equally loved; by us and vice versa. I personally do not have pets anymore, but my son does.
His pet, Tiger, is an old English bull dog, originally owned by his late Daddy. The dog weighs over 100 pounds.
He is ferocious looking, but according to my son, he is as “gentle as a lamb.” My son says that sometimes he forgets that Tiger is a dog, because he acts like a child. He runs around playing with his squeaky toys all day. Lovable and adorable he is! Tiger receives love and shows love all day. He truly loves his master as he loves him.
Tiger as most pets become an extension of the family; the love is reciprocal!
Suffice to say, it demonstrates that we were created to love and be loved. We all need it … even our four legged friends!
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