By Vernalee
You can’t use people like gloves; taking them off and putting them on when it is advantageous. In other words, when you need them, they are the best thing that ever walked the earth. When you don’t need them, they are thrown out like trash. Gloves are accessories. They can cover up blemishes that you don’t want others to see. They protect the hands, keep them warm, shield the spread of germs; and are disposable. Inanimate, they can be taken off and put on at the wearer’s discretion. People are different. Though they can warm, protect, shield, and cover inadequacies, they shouldn’t be treated as disposable objects. You shouldn’t turn them on or off like a light switch. Remember, people can get sick and tired of being used. Once your yo-yo, their string has lost its gravity. Oh my … You now cannot rewind the wrath from the people that you have “used.” In fact, since you had the “upper hand,” you abused and “used” them so much that you “used them up.” Many tried to tell you to curtail your usury of convenience. Now, it’s too late; you learned the hard way! Look! They have taken their gloves off! You will undoubtedly received back what you have given! It has come to past – You will reap what you sowed!
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