By Vernalee
Incompetencies have roots! It grows deeps within organizations. Through one incompetent manager, the entire team can look bad. If you are a gardener, you know that “one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch” if it lays there! Smart farmers throw out the bad seeds and the bad fruits! Corporately speaking, outsiders generally view the composite organizational performance rather than individual accomplishments, particularly when they don’t really know the worker. How do they know that you adequately did your job, but as you pushed your content up the stream, it did not flow downward? They don’t! It is highly likely that you may be viewed as the problem or the inept performer! How will a person outside the process know that your work production may still be an unread email, a stalled decision, or Heaven knows what else! So for your professional reputation, be smart enough to let others know that you are not as dumb as the “rotten” bunch. It’s not traitorous; it’s called preservation of your professional integrity!
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