By Vernalee
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When we women chat, no subject is off limits! We talk about more than relationships, men, friends, family, beauty, and style. We share our hope, excitement, fears, stresses, and concerns with each other. Our health, health care insurance, getting emotionally and physically fit; retirement reserves or lack thereof, our finances, fears of not having enough money; growing old alone, our loneliness; worries about our children / grandchildren, our aging parents, our spiritual needs, what’s happening at church; the foolishness and unfairness in our respective work environments, career dissatisfaction; our upcoming vacations, shopping sprees, our treasured recipes; the good , the bad, the ugly; and just life in general – become our topics of discussion.

Thus, our conversations are not always fun and games, but reverberations of our realities. As we chat, particularly in troubled times, we comfort each other with therapeutic support. We loosen our release valves. We throw all of our stuff into a figurative mixing bowl; letting the chips fall where they may. We find assurances in the fact that we unconditionally have each other as we chat, share, laugh, cry, and pray together. Without a doubt, we can certainly stir stuff up! Incredibly, we feel better afterwards.

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