By Vernalee
Overworked or Underpaid? Neither are appealing! Before you answer, let’s have a refreshing drink. The aroma of fresh Arabica beans can wake up your sensory touches before you pick up your first cup of Joe! If you don’t drink coffee, there is usually something that can get you going, if need be. Now let’s see, before you go to work – which cup will you use for the pouring of your beverage?
Really, neither choice is stimulating or desirable. No one wants to drink out of a cup bearing the imprint of Overworked or Underpaid! Not surprise; right? Interesting, the coffee tastes the same out of either cup. To assist you with your selection, let’s throw in a few more descriptors on the ceramic mug such as Misunderstood, Unfulfilled, and Underappreciated. Now, if both descriptions (overworked and underpaid) are jointly imprinted on your cup, your name must be _______________! Pardon me for revealing your identity! Do you need to look for another job? Sorry, that question was none of my business…”just saying!”
As for me, I think that I am switching to Decaffeinated Tea!
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