By Vernalee

Powerful women.
There are many.
Some folks fear them.
Others say (particularly those endowed with chauvinism), “They don’t know their place. They go too far.”
Powerful women; women with power …
I admire them.
Don’t you?
Who are they?
“They’re endowed with greatness, and can unlock the chest that contains that powerful, priceless commodity.
A successful woman exhibits the following 10 traits.
They’re a part of her character and fiber to living.
Take a look.
1.She has a positive attitude. There’s no energy that can mimic what’s released when a positive, high-stepping woman enters a room. A positive attitude is the fuel needed to drive us from idea conception to realization.
A powerful woman has a positive attitude; it takes conscious effort. It arrests negative thoughts and replaces them with positive ones. There’s more. Listen to the things you’re saying to yourself in your mind. Deliberately use words that focus on constructive, affirming truths about yourself.
To help you stay positive, surround yourself with people who’ll encourage, inspire and believe in you. If you have a positive attitude, you’ll be able to see the potential that lies within you.
2.She can overcome obstacles. Women who’ve struggled in their lives tend to have amazing inner strength. Use adversity to your advantage. At the end of a struggle, you’re a better, more valuable person. Helen Keller said, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.” Find what you’re meant to learn in a struggle, and you’ll see that it isn’t as fierce as it appears to be.
3.She is strong-minded. Strong minded doesn’t mean that you’re rude, conceited or destructive. On the contrary, a strong-minded woman displays confidence. When you’re strong minded, you’re empowered, possess a healthy self image and take responsibility for your life. The entrepreneurial spirit, by its very nature, requires us to consider possibilities that most aren’t brave enough to.
4.She is soft-hearted. Charity and compassion allow us to reach beyond our cookie-cutter lives and make a difference in the lives of others. By reaching out to others, we grow as individuals. A woman with a compassionate heart has great influence.
5.She has integrity. You don’t need to leave victims in your path to be victorious. You don’t need to step on others to step to the next level. Integrity must be the very core of your character. Always put honor before dollars and live by your convictions. As you gain respect and trust, your company will grow. People seek to do business with those they trust.
6.She has balance in her life. Our lives revolve around four major categories: family and friends, health, wealth and spirit. These areas must be balanced to lead a fulfilled life. Evaluate your balance continually. A balanced life allows you to think clearly with imagination and optimism.
7.She sets goals. Goals are dreams with a plan for realization. Commit your short- and long-term goals to writing. Record how and when you’ll achieve them. Post your goals in plain sight and review them often. Record the reward when the goal is attained. Remember that you can’t hit a mark you can’t see, and continual success demands a plan.
8.She is driven by a cause. Looking for the hole in the market is a strategic move in every entrepreneur’s plan. Find the needs in your business ventures and pursue those causes with passion.
9.She is a teacher. Great woman teach. People want to know what you have that ignites that flame within. We can help mold the great women of tomorrow.
10.She’s focused on the next step. The greatest point of resistance is just before breakthrough. We must have a stubborn resolve to see ourselves to the other side. When challenging circumstances seek to derail us, if we just take that next step, we’ll find that we’ve made it.
Dare to struggle today so you can win tomorrow. Develop these traits, and you’ll make a difference in your future”…and the world’s!
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By Vernalee

Good Morning!
I am feeling tremendously inspired these days.
I feel really blessed to enjoy what I do. I love the tasks, the people, and the environment.
I don’t even feel like I’m working at all.
Silly me!
Am I leading, managing, or just having fun?
I haven’t defined my actions.
However, let’s see what the experts say.
Some folks don’t desire leadership roles.
Why add the additional pressure?
But for those leaders out there, this one’s for you.
Though we use the terms interchangeably, one of the top masters of the game, Peter Drucker, defines management and leadership this way. “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”
With that said, the question becomes – what type of leader are you?
According to several experts, leaders are classified like so:
1)“The pacesetting leader expects and models excellence and self-direction. If this style were summed up in one phrase, it would be “Do as I do, now.”
2)The authoritative leader mobilizes the team toward a common vision and focuses on end goals, leaving the means up to each individual. If this style were summed up in one phrase, it would be “Come with me.”
3)The affiliative leader works to create emotional bonds that bring a feeling of bonding and belonging to the organization. If this style were summed up in one phrase, it would be “People come first.”
4)The coaching leader develops people for the future. If this style were summed up in one phrase, it would be “Try this.”
5)The coercive leader demands immediate compliance. If this style were summed up in one phrase, it would be “Do what I tell you.”
6)The democratic leader builds consensus through participation. If this style were summed up in one phrase, it would be “What do you think?”
Management experts like to label the same things differently. So much for the nomenclature, it’s the outcome that counts; agreed?
All right, let’s look at another similar classification of leadership styles to bring the point home.
Here we go:
1) “Laissez-Faire
A laissez-faire leader lacks direct supervision of employees and fails to provide regular feedback to those under his supervision.
2) Autocratic
The autocratic leadership style allows managers to make decisions alone without the input of others. Managers possess total authority and impose their will on employees.
3) Participative
Often called the democratic leadership style, participative leadership values the input of team members and peers, but the responsibility of making the final decision rests with the participative leader.
Managers using the transactional leadership style receive certain tasks to perform and provide rewards or punishments to team members based on performance results. Managers and team members set predetermined goals together, and employees agree to follow the direction and leadership of the manager to accomplish those goals. The manager possesses power to review results and train or correct employees when team members fail to meet goals. Employees receive rewards, such as bonuses, when they accomplish goals.
5) Transformational
The transformational leadership style depends on high levels of communication from management to meet goals. Leaders focus on the big picture within an organization and delegate smaller tasks to the team to accomplish goals.”
Back to me; the original question – that is.
Here lately these days, my passion lies in empowering others; in finding growth and opportunities for them personally, professionally, and to some extent, spiritually.
I consider myself an “old fashioned” motivator with a southern streak.
Maybe, that’s leading; maybe not.
I’ll say, you should follow the leader; whoever that may be.
I’ll help you … to follow the dollar!
Both paths should take you where you need to go!
Let’s go to work!
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By Vernalee

Over the weekend, I watched a movie starring Danny Glover called “Freedom Song.” It was about voting rights and the struggles thereof in Mississippi. I invite you to watch it.
Interesting, I took my Mother to the Cleveland Playhouse to hear Danny Glover read poetry about 20 years ago. We had backstage passes.
Momma was thrilled to shake the actor’s hand.
With that recollection in the background,
I share with you this morning an unforgettable and memorable story!
Since voting occurs today, walk with me back in history to the last Presidential Election.
In November 2016, my 90 year old Mother drove the family and me crazy about her absentee ballot. There was no way that she was not going to cast her vote for the President of the United States. Thank goodness she received her ballot.
Of course, it had to be overnighted from Cleveland, Ohio to assure its timely arrival to the Lake Washington County Board of Elections in Greenville, Mississippi.
Her tenacity may have taken us over the edge, but I understand why.
To explain requires a brief history lesson.
Listen up.
* In 1955, Rev. George Lee, Regional Council of Negro Leadership and a NAACP worker was shot in the face and killed urging Blacks in the Mississippi delta to vote. The murder occurred in Belzoni, MS.
* In August 1955, Lamar Smith was killed in Brookhaven, MS. for voting registrations.
* On September 1961, in Liberty, MS., Herbert Lee was gunned down followed by NAACP State Director, Medgar Evers in 1963 in Jackson, MS. To further frighten Blacks from going to the voting polls came the violence and killing of three civil rights workers; Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner in Meridian, MS.
* Let’s not foget the Selma, ALA. marches where Blacks were met with whips and tear gas as it was broadcasted on television to the amazement of some who couldn’t believe what they saw.
In Glen Allan, MS., we had an articulate fearless leader named Jake Ayers who lead the charge to get voters registered. My Mother was in that initial group.
I give you this history recount so that you can understand why and how my Mother who has voted as she says “in every Election since she registered in the 1960’s.” It’s a matter that she didn’t take lightly or for granted.
Yes, she was one of the ones who sang, “I shall not be moved” and “We shall overcome” in the 1960’s.
Yes, she and my Daddy marched for our freedom.
Yes, my Mother was in the background joining forces with Ruleville, MS. civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer when she said, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”
So, “Momma, I didn’t mind you telling me over and over to get your absentee ballot from Mississippi so that you could vote. I meant a lot to you. Not knowing at the time that it would be your last election, it was my pleasure to please you.”
Without question, your generation paved the way and paid the price for our voting freedoms. Our right to vote rests on your and on the courageous people of that time shoulders.
You witnessed the injustices first hand and carried the heavy load.
So I salute you today. You did not forsake and treasured a coveted constitutional right that didn’t come easy.
It’s a right that Black people fought, died, and marched to achieve for the generations to come.
Yes – I will follow your lead!
Yes – I will cast my ballot in the voting booth today!
Yes – You taught me well.
Rest in Peace Momma!
Missing you!
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By Vernalee

Does power breed confidence? I think that the answer is yes. Many experts agree. “Whether it’s a political leader, high-ranking military official or successful startup founder, there’s a common thread that ties these powerful individuals together. While timing, hard work and passion are all prevalent, powerful people also possess the following 11 habits.
1. Confidence.
Powerful people are confident — which is a skill you can work on — and people are naturally drawn to confident individuals. Because they are confident, powerful people aren’t afraid to tackle risks and challenges head-on. Additionally, confident individuals can appreciate small accomplishments, work on their communication skills, let go of the past and realize what’s most important.
2. Don’t seek fame and fortune.
Do you think Pope Francis seeks out fame and fortune? Of course not, and like Pope Francis, powerful people aren’t looking to flaunt their success. Instead, they focus on what matters most to their customers, company and community.
3. Take up more space.
A 2010 experiment conducted by psychologists Dana Carney and Amy Cuddy found that subjects who stayed in a position that took up more space for longer than one minute actually felt more powerful. This was caused by a biochemical reaction that increased testosterone and decreased cortisol.
4. Know when to speak.
Think of someone who doesn’t talk a whole lot but what they do say is useful, powerful and insightful. Powerful individuals know when to talk and what exactly to say at the right time. Also, by not speaking that much, it decreases their chance of saying something foolish.
5. Break eye contact.
You’ve probably heard that the best speakers and leaders make strong eye contact. It turns out that this isn’t exactly the case. Based on research by psychologists Frances Chen and Julia Minson, it was found that eye contact can actually be counterproductive because it lessens persuasion. Instead of looking into someone else’s eyes, leaders should look at their audience member’s mouth.
6. Aren’t afraid to endure criticism.
When you’re in a position of power, some of your decisions will be unpopular. Powerful people are not afraid of the backlash. If they were they could not take charge and do what’s best for their customers, company or community.
7. They look the part.
If you look at most leaders, what do they wear? Most wear professional clothes, not sneakers and hoodies (Mark Zuckerberg is one of a few exceptions). Powerful leaders set themselves apart from others by constantly dressing, speaking and acting like a distinguished professionals.
8. Team players.
Powerful people realize they’re part of a team with a designated role. While their role has more impact and responsibilities, they never undervalue the hard work of other team members.
9. They’re flexible.
Life is unpredictable. Powerful people are able to make the right adjustments to solve the problem at hand. Being flexible doesn’t mean they’re pushovers. They just seek to handle situations.
10. Ask better questions.
Tony Robbins once said “Successful people ask better questions and, as a result, they get better answers.” In fact, John Maxwell has written entire book on the subject. Powerful people ask astute questions to determine what’s best for their customers, company and community.
11. Pick a hard seat and carry heavy objects.
According to study published in Science, people who opted to sit in an uncomfortable chair become tougher at negotiating because the rigid sensation seems to lessen a shift in decisions. In the same study, it was also discovered that the subjects who were carrying heavier objects appeared to be more important.”
The list continues. Powerful people do the following:
1. Plan their day out.
2. Are focused and are in the moment.
3. Wake up early.
4. Read a lot.
5. Exercise regularly .
6. Take time for self.
7. Keep a journal.
8. Understand the importance of prioritizing.
9. Communicate clearly.
10. Possess Interpersonal skills.
11. Are proactive.
How powerful are you?
How powerful is your thinking?
Think about it!
Powerful thinking yields powerful results!
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By Vernalee
Photo of Thomas Dorsey and Mahalia Jackson

“Precious Lord” was written by the Rev. Thomas Dorsey after a family tragedy. His wife’s died in child birth. Days later, his baby succumbed. In a downtrodden state, Dorsey penned “Precious Lord” in 1932. A viewing of a younger Thomas Dorsey and Mahalia Jackson in this vintage photograph sends goose bumps down my spine as it depicts two of the best performing artists at their craft. Can you imagine hearing this dynamic duo? “Precious Lord” is one of those “pick you up” gospel songs. Indeed, it was Dr. Martin Luther King’s favorite! When he wanted to “hear the voice of God,” King called upon Mahalia Jackson to sing “Precious Lord.” At his request, she sang at many civil rights rallies. Mahalia also sang “Precious Lord” at King’s funeral! The lyrics are soothing, comforting, and magically transport the Holy Ghost spirit to your presence.
Precious Lord, take my hand
Lead me on, let me stand
I’m tired, I’m weak, I’m lone
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light.
Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home.“
My late Mother’s favorite song was
“Precious Lord.”
With her apron tied around her waist as she cooked, my Mother would sing that song. Yes ma’am that woman could “take you to church standing in her kitchen.”
Now she and Mahalia can sing “Precious Lord” together in the heavenly choir.
Happy Sunday to my followers.
Thank you for tuning in!
God bless!
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By Vernalee

It seems as if that lick came out of no where.
It was so hard that it knocked me down.
I lost my balance and fell!
I am curiously baffled.
Where did that punch come from?
I’ll tell you where!
It came from life; from living.
Yes, that’s right.
We are not insulated from troubles.
Our lives can be easily bruised with anxieties from varied issues. They run the gamut – Pain from the loss of loved ones, betrayals from friends/family, jealousies, upside down finances, job losses, health issues, wayward children, infidelity, disloyal friends, among other things. You name it and someone can claim it!
Our lives are not problem free.
Quite the contrary.
We are also not born as warriors.
We have to condition, equip, and prepare ourselves to deal with the problems that accompany living.
Sometimes, we think that we can rely on our own intelligence to solve our problems.
Sometimes, we think that we can do it all, be everything to all people, and win all the battles by ourselves.
Silly you!
We need to keep God front and center in our lives.
Reliance on the Lord will help us with our balancing act.
It will also give us the needed confidence and strength to pick ourselves up when we fall!
We can then see clearer who is with us and who is not.
Nothing is worse than being knocked down and expecting someone to help you up when instead they desert you.
So often, do we hear, “it’s not my problem!”
If you have heard those words, raise your hand.
We have to gird our loins everyday … that’s for sure.

I leave you with several quotes that have inspired me. Maybe, you will find inspiration from them as well.

1. “Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand.” Hayley Williams

2. “It’s not up to you how you fall. Its up to you how far you let yourself fall and how long it takes you to get back up and stand on your own two feet.” Sr. Tac Jeffrey Mitchell

3. “Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down. “. Charles F. Kettering

4. “Being defeated is often temporary, giving up makes it permanent. “ Marilyn von Savant

5. “Fall seven times. Stand up eight. “ Japanese Proverb

6. “It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up. “ Babe Ruth

7. “ A Quitter never wins-and-a Winner never quits. “ Napoleon Hill

8. “For every failure, there’s an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour. “ Mary Kay Ash

9. “Success in life is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is usually the result of experience. Experience is usually the result of bad judgment. “Anthony Robbins

10. “In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time.” Anthony J. D’Angelo

11. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.”Confucius

12. “Everyone falls down. Getting back up is how you learn how to walk. “ Walt Disney

13. “When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. Let your reason get you back up.” Les Brown

14. “No matter how many times you get knocked down, keep getting back up. God sees your resolve. He sees your determination. And when you do everything you can do, that’s when God will step in and do what you can’t do. “ Joel Osteen

15. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. “Winston Churchill
Keep living! Keep the faith!

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By Vernalee

Loyalty is defined as the quality of being loyal to someone or something.
It is a strong feeling of support or allegiance.
Synonyms for loyalty include allegiance · faithfulness · obedience · adherence · homage · devotion · steadfastness · staunchness · true-heartedness · dependability · reliability ·
Knowing that definition, how many people can you honestly say are loyal to you or that you are loyal to – 100%?
Before you answer too quickly, remember that “being loyal to those around you can be a challenge, as it requires patience and generosity.
Loyalty is the ability to put others before yourself and stick with them in good times and bad.
You can show loyalty to friends, family, and significant others by being honest, trustworthy, supportive, and generous. You can maintain healthy boundaries with those around you so you can be loyal to them in a productive way.”
Here are three ways to be loyal:
Method One: Being Honest & Trustworthy.
1. Express how you really feel.
2. Don’t engage in gossip.
3. Follow through on your commitment.
4. Stand up for others when needed.
Method Two: Being Supportive & Generous.
1. Support the goals, ambitions, and dreams of others.
2. Be a good listener.
3. Offer positive solutions and ideas.
4. Resist judging others for their choices or actions.
Method Three: Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
1. Choose to give your loyalty to others.
2. Do not let others take advantage of your loyalty.
3. Maintain your independence.
4. Allow time for self care.
Knowing that someone is loyal to you unequivocally is comforting.
Loyalty is priceless!
To have a loyal friend is worth is weight in gold; pure gold at that.
If you are challenged with who is and isn’t loyal, you are not alone.
Many of us wonder; some of us are not sure.
The key is to find out, hopefully without injury.
Otherwise, it can be a high price to pay.
One that can bring us down in more ways than one!
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By Vernalee
Years ago, I attended a seminar and a demonstration left an indelible memory. It involved a person falling back with another individual catching her. Brilliant!
Thought provoking!
That illustration became my model for what I felt people should want in a relationship, namely someone to catch them before a fall.
That is a simple request to ask, but a huge compliance responsibility for the chosen partner to grant!
The catcher has to be 100% committed; 100% dedicated.
He is your safety net. Your reliance on him has to be met with his reliability, commitment, and performance.
Don’t assume that because you have his back, he has yours!
It has to be a heart-felt and a mutual covenant between the two people.
You have to really, really trust that individual; blind trust at that! Will his presence, heart, mind, and hands be there to catch you?
How confident are you?
If something goes wrong, the ground will be your new home. Peeling yourself up off the concrete is not an easy task.
Besides the fall hurts!
A fall is more than a physical bruising, it is an emotional scarring that stings; a fracture that may depending on circumstances last a considerable period of time!
Know for certain to the best of your comprehension who has your back!
It is no guessing game; the repercussions of error are too great.
In the interim, keep your safety net handy … just in case!
Hopefully, the person doesn’t fail you which would be a bomber. However if that happens,
the up side is that – you can get back up…Again!
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By Vernalee
Growing up in rural Mississippi, I learned the art of driving by cruising down gravel and dirt roads before graduating to the two lane highways. As you travel in one direction facing the traffic in another, you learn to stay in your own lane.
Swerve too far to the right and you are liable to end up in a ditch. Move too far to the left and you are subject to have a head on collision with the other vehicle. Crash!
This driving precision teaches you much about life. The similarities are uncanny.
There is much to be said respective to staying in your own lane.
In order words, if you mind your own business and stay out of other folks’ affairs, it is smoother sailing. Once you enter the other lane, you are in someone else’s territory both figuratively and literally.
When you meddle, you cross the line!
Where you end up is where your intrusion takes you.
“You are an accident waiting to happen” when you start interfering. No speed will keep you safe in those types of circumstances. Fender bending becomes your outcome regardless of your destination!
The reference thus far speaks of a two lane highway. Sticking your nose into multiple folks’ affairs is probably an unmanageable interstate that may not be in your best interest to travel. Eventually, you might get side swiped in more ways than one – if you know what I mean!
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By Vernalee
Life’s travels take us down many roads. Some roads are paved; others not. Arriving to our destination is the objective. Hills, valleys, and bridges we encounter.
To “Cross that bridge when you get there” means to not worry about a possible future problem, but deal with it when and if it occurs.
Why worry about issues that don’t exist or haven’t happened?
They may not occur.
One of our childhood rhymes was, “Weight brought the bridge down.”
Stress and worry produce weighty consequences. They can become “heavy” burdens placed on our shoulders; problems that we carry around.
Anxieties and sleepless nights follow. Enjoy the moment!
Reasonably, prepare for tomorrow; live for today! Deal with problems when they occur.
The scriptures in Matthew 6:34 tells us: “Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries.
Today’s trouble is enough for today.” Can I get a witness?
Photo credit: – Greenville, Mississippi Bridge.

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