By Vernalee
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The children are in the house! Chitter, chatter….the sound of their feet walking through your house. The sounds are deeper, because their feet are bigger! Their cell phones are ringing continuously as they walk from room to room telling you as the parent what to do. Funny! They’re adults now! Physically, they have moved out of your house; figuratively, they have moved from your lap to your heart! Over the years, your love and theirs have multiplied exponentially. But one thing hasn’t changed…..You still sit on the throne. You are still the parent! I declare ….There is nothing better than to marvel at your creations and say job well done! This Sunday, my daughter said, “Mommy, get ready for church!” In days of old, I had to drag her and my son out of bed and hear them individually say, “Do I have to go to church today. Give me ten more minutes. I am tired.” Wow …how the scenery has changed! Praise God that the foundation of serving the Lord remains intact! Sorry readers, I have to go! I hear the horn blowing! I don’t want to get left! Happy Sunday!
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