By Vernalee
There is often calmness before a storm – in weather and in life! The old folks in Mississippi would always say, “Hard times don’t last forever. Tomorrow is a new day.” I remember when my girlfriends and I would laugh at their quotes. As teenagers, we were convinced that they said things to scare us and that we knew more than them. We realize now that we had not lived long enough to experience many of the idiosyncrasies of life. “Foolishness was tied up in our hearts.” It is funny how maturity changes our scenery and outlook on life. You learn to weather the storms. In some cases, we prepare for their eventual appearances. We realize that just like peace exists before the thunder, lighting, and high winds … that we may sometimes experience complete serenity before raindrops fall in our lives. Thank God for the light of tomorrow, for letting the storms blow over, for second chances; for our elders and our discerning acceptance of their valuable wisdom! Peace be still!
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