By Vernalee - fake ads
Buy one, get one free! Drive this car home for $ 99.00, no questions asked! You just won a round trip ticket to Paris! Yours for the asking! Keep in mind that “People, places, and things …are not what they always seem!” Beware of fake advertisements and fake people!
Stop, look, think, and listen!
Everything comes with a price tag, even love ones!
Just read the fine print or stay around long enough to see the real person come out!
If it doesn’t work or if I don’t like it, I’ll take it back and get a refund.
Easy! When it comes to the flesh, take your time, examine, test drive, and see what’s behind the facade.
Once you buy, you cannot take people back…without a cost or consequences! It is called the reality of life …and will slap you hard in the face …no matter what age!
When you learn that “Nothing is free but a Mother’s love,” you have arrived!

Photo reprint: www.huffington
By the way, with the above shoe purchase, you have to make sure that both shoes are the same size /style and for different feet.:-)