By Vernalee
Following in the evangelistic footsteps of Jesus, Pope Francis walked the streets of D.C., NYC, and Philly.
Though I am not Catholic, I like most have been captivated by the Holy Father Pope Francis’ visit to America. Enthusiastic crowds have lined the streets waiting to catch a glimpse of him.
Watching this, I couldn’t help but take a historical ride in time back to the days of the most high, Jesus Christ. Mentally, I can visualize how people of that day were immerse into mesmerization at the sight of God’s son when he was on earth! Jesus showed upmost humility, phenomenal wisdom, and great love. His love for people, particularly children was evident. The Gospels provide countless scriptural references showing the electrifying crowds’ awe and desire to be in Jesus’ presence as he walked, talked, preached, healed, blessed, and prayed! From the account in Matthew 4:25, we learn that
“Great crowds followed him from Galilee and the Decapolis, and from Jerusalem and Judea, and from beyond the Jordan.”
Touching him was a healing in and of itself as evidenced by the woman who touched the hem of his garment. Taught by his Father, everyone regardless of wealth or status was the same in his eyes! What we see in Pope Francis, though big, is a small demonstration of what Jesus did. Pope Francis travels in his Fiat and Pope Mobile; Jesus traveled by foot, but was humble enough to wash the feet of others! Jesus, the holiest of holy, the king of kings, the son of God could do as no other. He walked on water, healed the sick, raised the dead, and performed incredible miracles for all eyes to see. Remember, how he feed 5,000 males (possibly a total of 15,000 – 20,000 people when counting women and children) from a diminutive 5 loaves of barley bread and 2 fish.
Imagine John the Baptist baptizing Jesus. “Jesus rose from the water as the Heavens was opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending upon him like a dove and alighting on him!” What a pictorial sighting! Greater than any man, Jesus died, rose on the third day, and appeared on earth for his followers to see. Because of his death, all mankind can enjoy everlasting life! Sitting on the throne next to our Heavenly Father, we are blessed as we can be born again through water baptism and be forgiven for our sins. What a mighty God we served! There is no greater love! Thank you Heavenly Father!
Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus! No one gets to the Father except through Jesus! Happy Sunday! God bless!
Photo credit:; www.saltandlight