By Vernalee
wild wood
Though my blog has been dedicated to a spiritual topic every Sunday, please know that my worship, and I am sure yours, is not limited to Sundays only.
The Bible instructs us to pray incessantly. In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, we are told to “pray continually.” Luke 18:1 instructs us “to pray and not give up.” Prayer is one of the purest forms of worship; a direct form of communicating with God.
For me, daily prayer is soothing; it’s therapeutic; it’s my private, one on one communicative time with God.
I cannot start my day off with thanking God! I take the time to do so! My morning prayer helps to shape my day. During the day, prayer will help to order my conduct, particularly with challenging people and situations.
Prayer changes things!
For certain, “pray always; always pray” is a wise admonition.
I must add my Mother’s long time phrase, “If you gonna pray, don’t worry. If you gonna worry, don’t pray! Put your faith in the Lord and let it stay there!” Though she is ill, I can hear hear Southern Mississippi accent saying those words.
I thank you Lord for a praying Mother!
Thank you Father for waking my family and me up this morning! Thank you Lord for all that you do! Thank you for everything!
Happy Sunday and blessings to my reading audience and beyond!
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