By Vernalee
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.” Sing it Billy Preston! That is what procrastination yields…..Nothing. Get busy! Pinch yourself! Tie a reminder string around your finger! Talk yourself into doing what needs to be done! Just do it! Anxiety, stress, and frustration will eventually appear if you don’t do what you have procrastinated not doing! Put your body and energies into motion. Often times, procrastination can produce a lack of consideration for other people; they can be affected from what you failed to do! “Why put off until the tomorrow what you can do today!” It’s better to move forward now rather than procrastinate until later. I must confess! I am just as guilty as you. I just untied a reminder string from around my finger last week! It had been there for months! Sad, but true, but at least the procrastination is over. What about you?
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