By Vernalee
April 21 at 10:07 a.m., a musical icon whose depth in music and love for life left this earth. The legendary Prince Rogers Nelson is gone! A creative genius, a singer, a dancer, a musician, a writer, a producer, an actor, a businessman who fought to obtain control of his music & destiny, and above all a caring human being, Prince did it all, and he did it well! I share with you my story of Prince. Perhaps, twenty years ago, my sister Barbara and I went to a concert a CSU’s Wolstein Center. Appearing was Larry Graham, Chaka Khan, and Prince. Now, truth be told, I really went to hear that “One in a million” baritone voiced Larry Graham. He and Chaka opened for Prince. Incredible performances they showcased. Who I initially went to see and who I left memorably in awe and deep admiration for was Prince. I distinctively remember his electrifying performance. He played and danced atop of a shiny white baby grand piano; played drums with a bandana tied across his head; picked his guitar Jimi Hendrix’s style; sang his heart out with a voice that crossed many octave ranges, and showed up and showed out as I, my sister, and the entire audience loved every minute of it. After that concert, I became an eternal fan joining my niece Sharon who had loved and followed Prince since his first hit.
Nominated for 30 Grammy awards, winner of 7; winner of the covenant Academy Award for his musical score, Purple Rain; creator of 5 number one singles; winner of Billboard Awards, and countless others; creator of 39 albums and 140 videos, there was nothing musically that he couldn’t do.
Music is universal and probably the best medium that connects people of all cultures, races, generations, and ages. Prince did just that! He crossed those lines as he touched many, many lives; which is why we feel as if we individually and personally knew him; which is why our grief is so personal.
There are so many Prince tunes that were my favorites.
“Let’s Go Crazy,”
“Raspberry Beret,”
“U Got the Look,”
“Purple Rain,”
“The Most Beautiful Girl in the World,”
“Sign ‘O’ the Times,”
“Little Red Corvette,”
“I Wanna be your lover”,
“Diamonds and Pearls,” … The list goes on!
A man who stood only 5’2″ was a giant musically and humanistically.
It is reported that a rainbow appeared around his Paisley Park estate in Chanhassen, Minnesota upon the pronouncement of his death.
Today, as we mourn our Purple Rain genius, we are left with an emptiness, a sadness, and a memory that is symbolically reminiscent of what it sounds like “When Doves Cry!”
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