By Vernalee
Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together and couldn’t determine where selected pieces were to be placed? The puzzle box always provide an illustration of how the picture should look when all of the pieces are perfectly assembled. Even despite the picturesque guide, the assembly can be tricky; putting the right puzzle shape in the right place can be difficult. Though the puzzle may have a few or hundreds of pieces, without their correct placements, the connection doesn’t come together. It’s comparable to trying to put a square peg in a round hole. In like manner, it is also similar to placing people where they don’t fit. You can’t change the “shape” of who they are. Allow me to “Vernalize” with a slight modification of a famous Johnnie Cochran quote, “If they don’t fit, you must quit … trying to forcibly put pieces or persons where they don’t belong.” The cohesiveness of the complete picture will never come together with incorrect pieces or people!
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