By Vernalee
Current photograph of Rachael Dolezal.
Rachael Dolezal as a teenager.

The NAACP, the oldest civil rights organization which was established to handle race issues is dealing with one of its own. Rachael Dolezal, president of their Spokane chapter, claims she is Black yet her birth parents, both White, assert otherwise. Although I have meet White people who integrate Black cultural elements into their lifestyle, Rachael Dolezal has gone beyond the dreadlocks and tanned skin. In 1969, singer / songwriter Curtis Mayfield penned a socially conscious song, “If you had a choice of colors, which one would you choose my brothers.” Dolezal has chosen to be Black. Understand this! Throughout the years, some White people have been civil rights advocates and have fought for racial injustices alongside Blacks. Thus, if her story is not true, the real issue rests more with the fact that she lied, falsified forms, and deceived the public, her constituency, and the NAACP. In my “Vernalized” opinion, these violations call into question her integrity and her leadership ability. Justifiably if her racial identity is White, she should be removed from her position as Spokane’s – NAACP chapter president not because she is White, but because she lied.
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