By Vernalee
imageWhat are you rolling around in your relationship?
Before you answer, “nothing,” think and think again.
You may be surprised.
What’s contained therein is not a blame game. Rather, it is an admittance. We are all sum totals of our experiences.
Stress, guilt, low self esteem, resentment, fear, anger, depression, residue from past relationships, bitterness, lack of trust, secrets, and other weighty issues may be emotionally in tow with you.
Check this out.
You know what’s in your luggage.
The million dollar question is –
“What’s in his?”
You didn’t pack his stuff!
He did!
Hopefully, your and his bags are on wheels. In either case, the weight can get heavy. In fact, it can be too much; over the limits to be exact.
Are you ready to unpack and remove those items that need not be there?
How can you make your load lighter?
Do you need to detox?
Before you respond, look at the signs that suggests that you are rolling around a heavy load.
They are there!
Some may be invisibly hiding inside the lining, but they are bound to penetrate outside the zipper.
Let’s take a look.
10 Signs that you’ve got too much emotional baggage in your relationship:
1. You blame first, defend second.
2. You think you own the other person.
3. You can’t receive constructive criticism.
4. You agree first, stab in the back second.
5. You think your meddling friends are “all that.”
6. You have a sense of entitlement.
7. You are a selfish, petty, grandiose narcissist.
8. There are trust issues.
9. There is baby drama.
10. A previous partner and/or family menbers are too involved in your relationship. What are they doing there? You don’t have room or time for them. Only God, the two of you, and your children can be in your circle.
If you have these emotional substances and other dangers looming in your luggage, you need to get rid of them and their influences.
Otherwise, you will continue to roll around these issues and their correlated problems.
Let’s examine this closer.
Guess what?
Since you are now a team, a transfer is bound to occur.
No worries, there is strength in numbers.
That’s right.
Your weight become his; his, yours.
Then, the two of you are on the seesaw together trying to balance what was brought in!
Is that fair?
Fair is not the word; sharing is.
An understanding partner who loves you will be there.
He/she will help with the transition, unpacking, and resolutions.
You can work on it together, but the ultimate responsibility for removing some of the individual weight belongs to the person who rolled it in.
Someone has to take the lead.
Otherwise, your old baggage will inhibit your relationship from truly taking off; from cruising to higher heights of love and happiness.
In other words, you’ll grounded!
What a shame!
You just bought that gorgeous set of designer luggage and you can’t go nowhere!
Deal with it!
Lighten the load.
Get your house in order!
Stop rolling around unnecessary pounds that weigh down you and yours!
Coming together is easy; staying together has its challenges, but it certainly beats being alone and lonely…with no where to go!
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