By Vernalee
Father’s Day is here again! It’s a time to love, reflect, and rejoice about our Daddies. It can also be a day of sadness for those whose Daddies have gone to meet the Lord. As I lost my Daddy in my early twenties, I understand the pain, but I am immensely grateful of the many teaching and memories that my Daddy planted inside me. They have been embedded in my heart, my mind, and my soul. I cannot tell you how many times, his words have guided and instructed me. So although my Daddy no longer walks this earth, he walks with me everyday. There have been days that his arms have emotionally carried me and encouraged me. He may be absent in the flesh, but he is forever present in my mind. So I encourage all to love, honor, and bless your Daddies today. He is pridefully watching your every move with a stern view of protection – whether he is sitting across from you or gazing you from the heavens.
This article is dedicated to my children, Scooter and Phoebe Lee … and those who Daddies have passed. God bless!
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