By Vernalee

Stuff always come up.
Dealing with it can be stressful and challenging.
Let’s look at 31 things that the experts recommend removing.
1. Comparing yourself to others.
2. Creating unrealistic expectations for yourself.
3. Your social media obsession.
4. Bad spending habits.
5. Fear of the unknown.
6. Living in the past.
7. Putting off a vacation.
8. Your packed schedule.
9. Unhealthy relationships.
10. Waiting for the perfect moment.
11. The need to be in control of everything.
12. Relying on others to make you feel happy and fulfilled.
13. Avoid getting out of the house.
14. You need to have the best thing.
15. Your hesitation to indulge.
16. Feeling sorry for yourself.
17. Fear of failure.
18. Grudges.
19. Worrying what others think of you.
20. Your disgruntled lifestyle.
21. Controlling others.
22. Jealousy.
23. Blaming others for your mistakes.
24. A yearning to fit in.
25. Overanalyzing situations.
26. Friends who aren’t there for you.
27. Resisting change.
28. Being afraid to be yourself.
29. Holding onto items you don’t need.
30. Avoiding your problems.
31. Worrying about missing out.
How did you fare?
Let’s do what we need so that we can be happier and achieve greater success.
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