By Vernalee
For the first time in over 45 years, I ran out of gas! Yes, you read it correctly! When it occurred, embarrassed was not the word! “How did it happen?” you might ask. Simply and honestly, I deviated from my habitual routine. I always stop at the same gas station as I travel this particular interstate. I was also in a rental car and talking excessively on my cell phone. So, I didn’t notice the fuel warning light. I can reasonably explain anything, can’t I? These are logical explanations and excuses … right? This incident took me back to the late 1960’s. When I was a teenager, my parents gave us kids a gas guzzler 1963 Pontiac. I loved that “boat of a car!” Although my Daddy owned a service station, we were always running out of gas. We could not get free gasoline for our pleasure rides; we had to earn our keep and pay for fuel. What a shame! How uncivilized of our parents, I thought! Money was hard to come by for me in those days so I pushed that Pontiac to the limits – quite frequently and much to the displeasure of my Daddy. At the time, paying 30 cents for a gallon of gas was a lot of cash! When I became a Mother, I would lambast my then teenage children for riding around with their gasoline needle on near empty. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be so careless or preoccupied to do the same! I guess I will “lay off” my now adult children for their frequent $10.00 gas purchases as opposed to filling up their tanks. Time brings about a change. As for me running out of fuel, I can only say that mistakes can happen to the best of us! That is my story and I am sticking to it!