By Vernalee
Many songs have been written about affairs. From Hank Williams singing “Your Cheating Heart” to Dolly Parton begging “Jolene” to leave her man alone, affairs present complicated scenarios. Ducking, dodging, and hiding are inherent in the game. As some calculated and scary risks are taken, the escalation continues “at the dark end of the street…where they always meet…” as singer Percy Sledge’s so rhythmically harmonized. Moving away from the words put to music, here is the abbreviated cost:
According to recent surveys, the average affair costs $444 a month. The cost consists of hotel bills, dinner / drinks, gifts, and dating activities. This amount does not include the cost of secret cell phones / credit cards, airline tickets, and other miscellaneous expenses. The referenced abbreviated cost also does not factor in income variances for the high rollers. The $120 hotel daily room charge could be $700 for a suite if the purse strings allow. The price for secrecy can certainly sky rocket.
So when the melodic Billy Paul sings, “Me and Mrs. Jones got a thing going on as they meet every day at the same café,” their secret rendezvous costs more than “the pair of boots under her bed” that country singer Shania Twain references that aren’t hers! Tune in tomorrow for Part 2.
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