By Vernalee
Photographs: Lena Horne and Alicia Keys.
It’s been said that everyone has a look-a- like. How many times has someone told you that you reminded them of someone else? Over twenty years ago while vacationing in Los Angeles, I was mistaken for actress Jackee Harry. I relished the notoriety of instant fame not denying that I was not she; only for a few minute though! We all have a twin in appearance somewhere out there where the resemblance is uncanny! What is funny is when you see a lookalike person in a different setting or location that you think is someone else when it is really the “real” person! What a shocker to find that your eyes were not playing tricks on you. The person that looked like the Debbi who lives in Arizona was really her! You just didn’t expect to see her in a restaurant in Florida! Omg! You were not seeing doubles; you were looking at the real McCoy! Amazing! No… You don’t have to go for a vision test. Your sight is 20 /20! Seeing is believing!
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