By Vernalee
There is an old saying that says, “Your eyes may be playing tricks on you.” So can people! Their presence can be exaggerated. Sometimes, you see things in them that aren’t there. It’s not that they are incredibly terrific or that their effects are spell bounding. Like a brain game, it’s easy to see a crooked line and regard it as straight when you see it frequently. It’s also easy to overlook a true photographic view when your kindness safeguards your revelations of realism. We sometimes see what’s in our minds, not what our camera flicking eyes project. We can easily look over or through defects. No worries! Eventually, your pupils will adjust to the light and the prisms of reality. It is then that you will see what’s actually there and upon doing so the sight thereof forces you to orchestrate your escape. When you pick up and leave the aura of deception, guess who pulled the rabbit out of the hat? You! And the band played on!
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