By Vernalee
Joining Elmo, Big Bird, Kermit, Cookie Monster, Oscar, Bert, and the other cast on Sesame Street is an orange haired Muppet called Julia. Julia has autism. I didn’t see the inaugural show that aired on Wednesday of this week, but I am delighted that Julia has made her debut. Here’s why! Years ago, my teenage grandson was diagnosed with autism. It was a new word for us. Denial proceeded our acceptance. Initially stunned and afraid, we didn’t know what roadmap to follow. Love, cohesiveness, prayer, and education became our compass. I am hopeful that little Julia’s addition to this show will heighten the public’s awareness and understanding of autism. My family and I are blessed to have an amazing, handsome, wonderful young man in our lives … who just happens to be autistic. Kudos to Sesame Street! I applaud you as I believe so many other affected families do as well. Education is the key and this is a major step in the right direction. I will tune in to see Julia and my other Muppet favorites. Ain’t nothing wrong with a super cool Granny being glued to the tube watching Sesame Street! Shhh!
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