By Vernalee
Let’s face it! There will probably never be a group of conversing women (or men, for that matter) that the “S”(sex) word doesn’t come up sooner or later; in some form or fashion. Though the intimacies of sex is a private bedroom matter, some details are discussed outside of the couple’s private sanctuary. The “S” word is everywhere! We read about it; hear it in songs, see it right before our eyes in emotional scenes on television / movies. Sex is a part of life; it’s a natural form of intimacy and expression. Recent research reveals that married couples have sex about 68.5 times a year; about twice weekly. On average, couples in committed relationships engage in sex about 8 – 12 times per month. Sex is critical to relationships so much so that a leading therapist, Dr. Ian Kerner states, “When couples stop having sex, their relationships become vulnerable to anger, detachment, infidelity and, ultimately, divorce.” Thus, in conclusion, the only variable is not in the frequency or the act. Rather, it is whether silence, confidentiality, maturity, or broadcast will command! In layman’s term, who do you tell and what! How much is revealed about the “sheets” and the description thereof, is the wild card. Time will tell if you will be quiet or if ears will hear some of your intimate details if you decide to join the ranks of the “kiss and tell regiment. Shhh…whisper louder; curious and inquiring minds want to know!
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