By Vernalee
I had a fabulous shopping experience last week.
My finds were terrific.
Guess where I went?
No, I did not go to Macy’s or Saks Fifth Avenue at Legacy Village or Beachwood Place. Waking up to see the Eiffel Tower out of my Hilton Hotel window and walking the streets of Paris cruising from one boutique to another would have been great. It is on my bucket list!
But I was in none of those places.
Instead and not as exciting as Paris or NYC, I walked into my guest room and went shopping in my closet.
That’s right!
It was there that I found a number of items with price tags on them.
I am serious!
Where did these items come from? The answer is simple.
I went shopping some time ago, bought some items that I liked, put them in the closet, and forgot that they were there. That’s right.
How many folks can tell the same story? Hush!
Yet, I don’t know how many times that I have said, “I don’t have anything to wear!” What about you? Shame … on you and me!
What I realized is that my closet was not organized so I didn’t know exactly what I had. Oh my!
It didn’t surprise me that surveys stipulate that the average woman spends over $3500.00 a year and some change on clothing.
However, I am here to testify that my recent shopping experience was within arms reach as I did an archival dig in my closet.
I found what I wanted within the comfort of my home.
Take it from me! So before you go to the store, go to your closet first.
A new outfit and accessories probably await you.
Afterwards, here’s what you need to do:
* Team up with your tailor.
* Repair and Renew.
* Accessorize outside your jewelry box.
* Get crafty.
* Mix and Match it up.
* Strategically reposition and organize your clothing.
Now because I took a few steps, walked into the next room, and pulled out a few hangers that were already there, I have about 10 – 12 new outfits. Groovy!
I am thrilled. I have new glamorous outfits to sport a new look with no money spent!.
I am also rethinking my look and style. It’s time for a makeover since I got up off my rear end to move beyond my comfort zone of wearing the same things over and over.
To my fan club, you will be seeing me in a flash of more colors than my standard traditional black. While searching, I also found colorful scarves and attachments that I didn’t know I had! I plan to add a little spice to my life by accessorizing with vibrant sun bright colors … and more.
You go girl!
Time and energy are my only hurdles because I have 3 more closets to go! Then I’m off to search through my jewelry boxes.
Vintage jewelry, anyone?
Join me … but do so in your own closets … not mine!
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