By Vernalee
Indiana Jones always manage to accomplish the impossible tasks. But then that’s a movie! Pulling yourself out of quicksand takes quick thinking and maneuverability. The objective is to land your feet on solid ground. Easy said; hard to do when the gravity forces are pushing you down. One thing that I have seen in all of the Indiana Jones movies is that he stabilizes himself first before he reaches out to others. That isn’t selfish when you are in a perilous state of doom. How about calling it survival! Whether it is an individual or a company that is spiraling downwards, if they don’t listen and grab the helping hands when they are sliding, the quicksand will unfortunately push them down! Will the distressed grab the hand or heed meritorious advice; or will they continue on the downward slide? Indiana Jones or his stunt double always survived. Assuming that the persons or executives in trouble know that they are sinking – Will they hold on or let go? Or do they feel that they “know it all” needing no one to pull them up? The answer lies between their decision and the quicksand down under.
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