By Vernalee
The white glistening sparkles of snow can be amazing to view. Children love to play in the snow, throw snow balls, and make those darling snowmen. As a southern girl, I am not a lover of snow and become petrified at the first major snowfall every year. So much for my weather dislikes and idiosyncrasies!
Let’s take a look at the metaphorical effects of snow when it is put in a snow ball rolling down a hill at an avalanche pace. Let’s now examine the snowball effect which is a situation in which something increases in size or importance at a faster and faster rate.
It is a “process that starts from an initial state of small significance and builds upon itself, becoming larger and also perhaps potentially dangerous or disastrous.” It can be beneficial or it can be a decline.
The common analogy is with the “rolling of a small ball of snow down a snow-covered hillside. As it rolls, the ball will pick up more snow; gaining more mass and surface area, and picking up even more snow and momentum as it rolls along.”
With that scientific definition out of the way, how many issues of snowball proportions can you recall or have you encountered recently? When all is positive, it is a great thing. But when the snowball is out of control rolling faster than the speed of sound, it can be a disaster; an accident waiting to happen. Slowing the pace or stopping the snowball roll altogether is challenging to say the least. It is no different than the happenstances of life.
It is for these reasons that we must keep our eyes on whatever it is that we are attempting or doing. We must have a fixation on the direction of our lives as best we can. For sure, once any aspect gets out of control and starts rolling downhill, catching it is a nightmare. Besides, running is not good when you are not in shape. Oh my, are you huffing and puffing like a train? No judgment!
In trying to catch an out of control fast moving object, we have to speed up our pace. If our momentum parallels that of a turtle’s speed, we are in trouble. Sometimes, it may occur swiftly or other times, it can take years, but we can become like the snowball racing down a slippery slope. The interesting dilemma is that the snow ball that started small, got bigger and bigger as it rolled, didn’t stop but picked up debri and whatever else that was in its path. It does not discriminate or discern trash. Sounds familiar? Trying to push it back up the hill is almost impossible. The grip brings a freeze to our hands making it difficult to hold. Silly me! I got sidetracked again. Am I referring to a snowball that started small, grew bigger; and because it was not stopped, continued to roll, picked up steam and speed, and is now out of control and not within reach? Or am I referring to a problem or one of our once small issues that grew in size, got out of control as it rolled; and befriended trashy people along the way because we either didn’t address it or allowed its velocity to control us? Which is it? You know the answer. It is obvious; rain or shine; snow or not!
Photo credit: www.shermanwealth. com