By Vernalee
Photo - person in the hole
The ubiquitous saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” fits this graphic illustration like a glove.
It’s a funny thing. The first time I glanced the photo, I missed the obvious, the conspicous view of the ladder.
Yet, it was right in front of my eyes. How ironic!
Then, I wondered: How many times was there a ladder there for me and the other party did not use it and pretentiously extended their hand.
I like others in these types of situations thought that I was being genuinely helped.
How sad it was when I found out that it was all an act; that they looked the other way.
In fact, I even praised and thanked them for their assistance without realizing that they purposely left me in the hole. Though fully dressed, parenthetically, they left me at my lowest point, half clothed like the person in the photo. The old folks in Mississippi would always say, “Hard times don’t last always!” What a mighty God we serve, when you are lifted above your circumstances.
The cream always rises to the top!
If I have said this once, I have said it a hundred times. “God sits high and looks low!” What I missed, he saw!
Woe to those who thought that they got away!