By Vernalee
Sometimes we have to bend; give a little / take a little; be the bigger person. Can you be kind to folks who are not kind to you? I am not asking you to compromise your values, violate your tenets, or be a fool for anyone. By no stretch of the imagination do you have to “go along just to get along.” However, learning to bend helps you to see low and high! It helps you to step outside of your comfort zone to step into someone else’s. It helps you to conscientiously grow to another level without losing your values or balance. Bending helps you pick up your pieces and the pieces of others, if necessary. Changing your posture can be sign of maturely responding to life’s circumstances. It’s a sign of stretching beyond your normalcy as you deal with life and living; as you deal with achieving / maintaining harmonious relationships with family / friends. Bending into uncharted territories is a courageous step of being a pioneer to positively change the course of your life and the people that you touch!
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