By Vernalee
Sometimes, in life, you have to deal with a difficult situation by facing it head on. You can’t just keep thinking about it; contemplating moves; you have to eventually confront it! In other words, you have to “take the bull by the horn.” It takes courage as bulls are not necessarily friendly animals. Their appearance is intimidating. Their horns are protrusive – long and wide. Recounting from a first hand experience while driving a red car near a levy in Issaquena County, Mississippi, my crew and I feared the Bulls would attack us because of the car’s color only to find out that Bulls are color blind. They can’t discern color. Nevertheless, we were not getting out of the car to pet them. Smart thinking, right? Problems are no different. We may not react because of what we think may happen; because of our fears. Resistance is normal. Yet, to move ahead, we must deal with our “bull of a problem.” We may have to wrestle with it. We may even get slapped around a couple times or two. Nothing happens unless we step in the ring! If we have the determination and a winning attitude, we can conquer if we persevere and stay in the game. Don’t run away! There are so many lessons that you can learn and pass along to your children and loved ones; if no more than to prevent them from stepping into the same traps! A winning attitude and spirit will take you far. Therefore, deal with it, learn from your experiences, and enrich your life. Don’t let a problem be a stumbling block that prevent you from realizing your highest potential. Although you may not be a professional matador, there are times that you must “take the bull by the horn;” you can even wear red if you like! Just do it! Progress; move forward! Others, particularly your children and loved ones are watching. Don’t punk out in front of them; they are your biggest cheerleaders. Ole!
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